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Sensei Bob 

This is a picture I have been looking for for quit some time.  Recently I finally found it.  

Sensei Bob was my instructor.  Sifu Darleen was also one of my teachers and was part of the review panel when I test for my black shash. 


Five Color Organ Qigong

Announcing the release of a new Jasmine Dragon DVD.  The Five color organ qigong DBD.  This long awaited form is now available.  Contact Sifu for information.  The DVD's wil be available at It's Your Journey LLC .  



Elder College Presentation at Firelands Campus of BGSU

Sifu Tom recently gave a presentation to 50 members of the Elder College at Firelands BGSU.  The session was well received and many were inspired to pick up a DVD copy of Qigong forms to work on at home.  


Western Science catching up with Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Western scientists are starting to verify the validity of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 

Imagery showing the location of Acupoints on the wrist and arm match the classical locations.


Read full report at "New CT Scans Reveal Acupuncture Points"


New Video clips in Student Video Library

Trying something new with the handling of video's for class.  I have uploaded video clips of the newer Qigong warmup forms.  This are the simple routines we have been using in class for the last 6 months or so.  This are loaded to YouTube.  After you login in with you Student ID you will find the link to the playlist in the Video Library section.  The clips are really raw right now.  No narration etc.  That will come in time but I wanted to get them out there for your use.