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New items

I have added more links to the useful links sessions.  Also I have included a list of recommend books which you can search via Amazon for more information and order.

For students I have added the documentation for Primordial Qigong.  You will not be able to access these until I set you up with a login on the site.  That should happen over the next serveral days.  Keep watching you email for an email from "squarespace" with you login information. 



Welcome to the new Jasmine Dragon Website and Blog.  Comments and content sugguestions are welcome.  Please sign the guestbook.


First Entry


If you are seeing this you have probably been given the new website address.  The www.jasminedragon.com will still take you to the original website for the time being.  

I have been working on this new site to give more flexibility and greater service to Jasmine Dragon students.  


Please feel free to leave a comment or sign the guest book and tell me what you think. 

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