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Instruction is done by Sifu Tom Lesniewski, founder of Jasmine Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong, assisted by advanced students.  Sifu has been a student of Tai chi for twenty-five years and has been teaching for fifteen years.  In addition to his principle teacher, Sensei Bob Callahan, Sifu Tom has trained with Sifu Stuart Olson (principle student of T.T. Liang), Jay Van Schelt, master trainer of Master Paul Lam’s Tai chi for Arthritis, and with Master Zhongxian Wu in Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong (Laohu Gong.) Sifu Tom has also train in the ChiFusion program created by Sifu Al Simon and Professor Ken Cohen, author of "The Way of Qigong", in Hunyuan Primordial Qigong.

Sifu Tom has been trained  by the Arthritis Foundation of America for Tai Chi for Arthritis and is a member of the National Qigong Association. 

Sifu Tom is also a trained PSYCH-K© Facilitator.


Ken Cohen and Sifu Tom