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Changes to Norwalk fees

Starting in January there will be a change in the fees charged for the classes in Norwalk.  The fees in all categories will be .... reduced.  Yes that's right we are lowering the cost of classes.  The new charges will be:

$36 / 6 week session for members 

$42/ 6 week session for non-members (universal)

Drop in fee will now be $7 per class. 

This is a savings of 20% in the session fees. 

So grab a family member/neighbor/friend and get signed up for January. 


Dragon Walking Video's

I have up loaded the long awaited dragon walking video's.  Both Basic and Advanced.  They are in the video library that is available to students after login. 


Sandusky Class changes

There will be no classes at Harmony in Health on December 3.  Also Harmony will be closed from December 22 until Janurary 6 for the holidays. So there will no classes.  The first Class in the new year will be on Jan. 7. 

Also there will be no Class in Norwalk on December 25th, for obvious reasons

Remember even though there are no classes ... keep practicing.  


Sword Form video clips

For Current advanced students.  I have posted video clips of the first section of the sword form.  Two clips one from the back and another from the front. 

After you login you will find  them in the video library. 


Sword Form postures 

For all of you that have been asking.  I have upload a list of the postures in the sword form.  You will find them in the class notes folder.